Sports Business Academy visits the ACEC Career Fair

The Sports Business Academy offers a heartfelt THANK YOU to the Adams County Education Consortium (ACEC) for its invitation to join today’s “Career Fair” for thousands of middle-school students who attend classes in the county’s multiple school districts. It was a blast engaging kids and sharing information about learning and career opportunities available in the $90-billion dollar sports industry: sports management, marketing, medicine, journalism and coaching. Experential learning was available via a “Day in the life of a Sportscaster” booth. What fun. Teaching kids the business side of sports and the winning side of life. That’s a dynamic duo better than Stockton and Malone. Arvada High School is the Sports Business Academy‘s first partner – thanks so much! – but will not be its last. Meeting kids where their interests lie and redefining education? Who says SBA can’t lead the way!

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