SBA Student Spotlight:
Seth Jolly

Seth Jolly- is an Arvada High student who recently completed his exploratory Sports Business Academy class. “It opened my eyes to looking at the world of sports in a different way.” The freshman is an Arvada Bulldog athlete and now realizes, sports can be a ticket to future success, off the field. “In the past I just really focused on the players and coaches competing and never thought about the people behind the scenes working hard to make an event happen from video broadcast, training staff, marketing and game-day management.”

Seth really enjoyed an SBA field trip to the Pepsi Center and Metro State University, an SBA partner. “This field experience made our learning ‘come to life’ and put into perspective what we learned in class.”

Sports industry professionals visiting Arvada High school and sharing their career experiences was another highlight for the articulate young man featured in a KUSA-9News feature on SBA. “The guest speakers allowed us to collaborate with classmates, think critically, and develop our speaking skills.” Seth concluded by saying SBA, which teaches kids the business side of sports and winning side of life, is relevant for all Arvada students. “You don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy the learning.”

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